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Five and a half years later-the world has changed, but our passion has stayed the same.

Much like the rest of the world, if you had asked us five years ago where we thought we would be today our answer certainly wouldn’t be reflective of our current circumstances. No one could have guessed that we would be navigating some of the most emotionally charged situations in the midst of a global pandemic, and yet, that’s exactly where we find ourselves. However, one thing that has remained constant throughout everything we have faced since opening has been our underlying mission-helping your family grow. 

DBR Law was founded out of passion and with the set purpose of helping legally protect the creation of families for those who most want them. After being in the assisted reproductive technology field for several years we saw that there was a need for something different when it came to legal representation and we were determined to provide it. We set out to be a premiere boutique law firm offering personal service that goes beyond the traditional representation of drafting and reviewing agreements. We sought to be a firm where clients felt confident and comforted in creating a relationship with their legal team so they could focus on the most important aspect of their journey-growing a family. It is this dedication to personal relationships that has set us apart and allowed us to continue to provide the best service for our clients, ensuring they will be able to have the family they so desire. 

Whether it is negotiating new terms to promote Covid-19 safety measures at the workplace, collaborating with immigration attorneys to get Intended Parents into the country and families back home, or helping Surrogates and Egg Donors explain to their physicians the importance of open communication with all parties, we have stood side by side with our clients in their efforts to continue moving forward. We continue to forge new relationships with hospitals, birth clerks, and social workers in an effort to find ways that we can allow for our clients to safely share in the joy of the birth of a child. And we are actively working with scientists and healthcare professionals to stay as up to date as possible on the ways the virus is impacting our field. We are here to listen to your frustrations, share those with you, and find ways to best deal with them.

While we can’t predict what the next five years will look like we can state with confidence that DBR Law will remain committed to you and your families and do everything we can to ensure that you are provided with the best experience possible.  


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