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"Debrah- We would like to thank you for your professionalism and your availability that you have always shown. Our journey would not have been the same without you and we consider you to be such an important part of our son's life. Wishing you all the best now and always."


F.C.-Intended Father,Italy


There are two main steps in the legal process for Surrogacy within the state of California and whether you are a Surrogate, or Intended Parents, DBR Law is here to guide you through both.


The first is the drafting and review of a personalized agreement which should include language that addresses parental rights, the Surrogate's conduct, compensation, parent participation, and conditions for termination and reduction of a pregnancy, as well as other provisions to comply with the CA Family Code. DBR Law guides our clients through negotiations to ensure that the agreement they are signing reflects their best interests and ensures a positive experience for all.


The second is the finalization of parental rights. This is a series of court documents which are filed with a Superior Court resulting in a pre-birth order that will instruct the hospital where the Surrogate delivers on how to complete the birth certificate. DBR Law works closely with our clients to ensure that forms are completed in a manner that best suits their needs. If you are an international Intended Parent and need other arrangements in order to have your child obtain citizenship we will work directly with attorneys or consultants from your home country to make sure families are able to get home safely. 

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Throughout the process we are here for every step. We are happy to work with your agencies or with you independently if that is your chosen path. Our experience, dedication, and personal attention to details allows you to focus on what matters most, a joyful experience that will result in a growing family.

Egg Donation

 Deciding to grow a family through egg donation is an extremely empowering and emotional decision, and one that requires careful legal guidance.


DBR Law will walk with you through each step of the journey to establish an agreement that best protects your interests and ultimate goals. We will work with you to determine the intentions of all parties in regard to ownership of retrieved ova, compensation, anticipation of any risks or liabilities, and expectations for future communication between parties and any child or children that are born. While we do draft and review for anonymous matches, we feel it is important to advise all parties that complete anonymity is no longer a guarantee and highly encourage consultation with an experienced mental health professional prior to entering agreements. 

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Embryo Donation

When considering embryo donation, a critical deciding factor is what type of future communication you want to have between genetic siblings.

Whether you are donating or receiving embryos, an experienced attorney at DBR Law can help you navigate through the several choices available and the impact they can have on your family. Collaboration is key  when choosing this form of family growth and our dedicated and compassionate staff will work closely with you and opposing counsel to manage and formalize all expectations.

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